It’s Online Christmas Shopping Day!!

Black Friday is history now. How did you do on that crazy day? I went out just for a few things and couldn’t believe the throngs of people and mass panic – it was surreal. Quietly I smiled, and kept rubbing my Mastercard as if it were a Talisman against the craziness inside the mall. After a 20 minute wait at Starbucks I decided to head home and play Call of Duty 4 on my computer, and leisurely check out some online Christmas shopping for the deals that would arrive on Cyber-Monday – which is today!! Woohoo!!

So if you are still not sure about what can be found online, check out the links I have for e malls in this post. If you are too busy browsing everything under the sun to click there, here is a collection of the best spots for deals I have found over my tenure of shopping online:

You can find anything under the sun at those e malls, and if not they will surely point you in the right direction. So to celebrate this cyber Monday, click away and find some smoking deals and get that pesky online Christmas shopping out of the way!!