Don’t Get a Hangover Before The Party Starts!

santas everywhereI simply have to be the worst for planning Christmas parties. Yes when it comes to online Christmas shopping I have been labeled a “guru”, but parties just bug me. There is so much planning and preparation I often wish a guide – or maybe a magic wand existed to make it less misery for me.

Yes I love Christmas, that goes without saying, but planning for parties can get ridiculous and hard just because it seems I’ve already done everything there is to be done over the years. Often I end up stumped for new ideas to keep the fun in the Christmas spirit, when really it shouldn’t be that difficult. I recently found this guide, thanks to my sister-in-law :-), which is filled with creative Christmas ideas, and so far what I have read is very nice. With this guide you can simplify all your ideas, access them through an index, copy and paste your own ideas into a customized lesson plan. I’ve been reading it only for a few moments and already there are plenty of ideas for this years party to jot down and utilize. Click here and you can also check out some other ideas to help out your Xmas parties, and BTW that particular link has an excellent holiday cookbook.

There is more of course, but that’s the nutshell of those first few links. The last link contains a product I bought last year, and I have to say it’s gotten more use in my house than the fridge, come holiday season. Creative Christmas ideas also offers tons of Christmas game ideas, devotionals, ice breakers, along with a good deal of Christmas teachings – if you have children or plan to throw a party or 2 that includes little children. It’s always very nice to keep the kids up to date on exactly why they are getting gifts and time off from school. This day and age the reason behind Xmas seems to get lost in the translation.

All in all I’m quite impressed with this ditty, and it is really very cheap considering what it offers. As for my blog, this may not necessarily an online Christmas shopping article, but it will help you to get some more stress out of your way this Christmas, so check it out if you want! Having said all that, I guess I must send a shout out to my sister in law for sending it through for me to review. Kim, I actually enjoyed it!!