Online Christmas Shopping, What Are You Waiting For?


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Welcome to my online Christmas shopping guide. I was planning on sharing my views about shopping online last year, but work got the best of me. Now that I’ve semi-retired and WordPress looks so nice, I think it’s time to go ahead and share my experiences shopping for Xmas gifts without ever leaving my house.

I have to start off with a call to everyone reading … please send me your worst Christmas shopping excuses ever! I would love to hear them and they may even end up in a publication other than this blog!! I’m looking for anything like what you see below – these are examples but feel free to include anything amusing and even a bit sarcastic 😉 (Just please try and be tasteful)

  • Shopping is to life as etch and sketch is to art
  • I never know what to buy someone!
  • I never have time to shop for people!
  • Shopping malls are crazy!
  • Traffic is too bad, I’ll just send money.
  • No self respecting hermit would be caught dead at a mall
  • I tried to wrap up my cat but she scratched me
  • The dog ate my wrapping paper (and the cat)
  • I couldn’t shop because I’m in maximum security lock up


What has shopping online done for me?

  1. I’ve found deals I would never find shopping in malls.
  2. All my Christmas shopping was completed before December 1.
  3. Having time to research what my friends like, I always received praise on ingenious gift choices.
  4. I have had much more time to enjoy the holidays with my loved ones.
  5. I get a more personalized experience, and normal reminders on sales and deals that never come from “snail” shopping.


Becoming an I-Detective:

I have been hooked on general gift shopping via my web portal even more lately. As more and more people list their interests online at various social sites it becomes more and more easy to personalize the gift you give. Things are so much easier when you have your friends Facebook profile in front of you. To be honest I have become somewhat of a “gift detective” over the years, thanks to the internet, and I will reveal my “secret P.I. methods” in future posts.

All in all, shopping for Xmas presents online is my new favorite thing to do during the season, so when someone insinuates that it’s no fun to shop online they are mad as a hatter. It is a great deal of fun when I look up my friends interests on various social sites and other networks and match their gift with remarkable focus. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the expression “how did you know I wanted that?” Of course I always respond with a casual “I’m psychic”, as it makes me look oh so mysterious. 😉 If this holiday season has you wondering where you can find time to get out and shop for the people you love, try a little online Christmas shopping. I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself and get much more satisfaction than you think.