Security Tools

vault doorThere are plenty of commercially available online security products to help you to be secure while surfing or shopping on the net. These products help you secure every area of your online activity. If you haven’t yet installed a good third party security related product I do suggest you pick something and try it out. The Windows Firewall and Defender Antivirus is well put together, however it offers limited protection and can leave your computer vulnerable in some areas. This is why many of us “power users” choose a good third party software firewall or even a hardware choice. For the casual user however, the free alternatives are amazing, some even as good if not better than their commercial counterparts.

What I have linked here are a few very decent security options that are completely free and do an excellent job at securing your online presence. My recommendation is that you download any one of these and see if they are to your liking. It’s worth noting that sometimes a good software choice for one may not work as fast or as well as others, this sometimes depends on how compatible your software choice is with other programs you have installed in your computer. For example, I had installed AVG, an excellent free anti-virus, but it conflicted with my Zone Alarm Firewall so I deleted the program and found a solution that was more compatible.

Your experimenting with these and other choices (there really are too many to list) will lead you to something that works, and believe me, you don’t necessarily need to pay for the “full” or “pro” versions. I still have nothing but free stuff with the exception of Zone Alarm (which I only bought), and like I mention in the blog, I haven’t had one issue in over 10 years.

*These links will take you to either or the corresponding websites for downloading. Cheers!


Privacy and Antivirus Software:

As I mentioned, there are literally dozens of free software choices available to you that will make your computer more secure. Once you have made your decision and installed, even if you already have something installed, please be sure to keep the software up to date with the latest patches, fixes, and definition files. I usually run my updates manually every 5 days, but it is very easy to set your software up to run updates automatically. Then you have no excuse to “snail” shop, and you can do all of your online Christmas shopping with confidence!


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