Who Else Wants Less Stress This Christmas Season?

christmas stressLet’s face it. The holiday season can be riddled with stress and worry, especially when you haven’t properly alloted time for it. There’s the dilemma of having to attend too many office parties, the dread of in-laws showing up on your doorstep, or just a general worry over what must be prepared at home (to let your friends know your not Ebeneezer Scrooge). The one thing you can do to avoid adding to stress is online Christmas shopping because at least knowing your shopping is taken care of will free up enough time to prepare for the other items on your Xmas agenda!

Here are some of the best spots to find great bargains and excellent support for your shopping needs. Clicking on the links will take you to a world where you can see just how much selection and price advantage online shopping can offer.

  • Amazon Stores – These are great for finding things that you may not think of buying someone, just from the vast selection a company such as Amazon has at its disposal. It’s also nice to note that what you may not find on any given site can usually be added buy a simple email request to the e site owner (which in this case happens to be me :-))
  • Chitika Mini Malls – Like I already noted, this is an excellent site that provides an awesome collection of products. The nice thing about Chitika is they always provide a comparative analysis of products and outlets, they provide product reviews, and offer the easiest vehicle for getting the best bargain. I use this company the most out of all the online shopping centers.
  • Ebay Stores – I’ve used these a great deal as well because in many cases you find people who have some kind of affiliation with major brands like Guess or Gucci. This particular store is even more perfect if you are from Singapore, but regardless it has some excellent items for toddlers, great garments for ladies, and it is known for it’s awesome customer feedback.

The Ghost of Christmas Stress

Yes it’s possible that the parties you will attend end up more boring than a Coat Hanger Convention, and it’s more than likely you’ll be visited by in laws that you secretly wish would move to Florida already. Plus its always a toss up between inviting your friends over to marvel at your decorations, or arriving at their doorstep with gift baskets and a healthy portion of egg nog. On top of all this the weather is either remarkably miserable or completely not in spirit with a season meant to be jolly. Now you may say that this seems like a horrible holiday picture, but let’s face it, a worse case scenario is worth pointing out when most of us have gone through something similar in our lifetime.

Online Christmas shopping can take a great deal of stress away from your busy holiday schedule just by its nature. Shopping online may not solve a weather crisis, but it will help you to stay inside and watch from your window as others chain their tires and brave frozen roads and overcrowded shopping malls. It may not allow you to avoid the dreaded office Christmas bash, but you are sure to show up with a great pile of cool gifts – if your online shopping was completed using the handy I Detective method I will outline soon. (hint hint :-)) Yep, shopping online not only frees up enormous time, it can allow you to get much more personal and specific with your gift ideas, and can keep you safe from transit catastrophes as well as frustrated shoppers.

There are many E Malls just like the ones I’ve described above, and within these and other web pages you will find that prices are much more competitive than “snail shopping” and also that the selection is much more appreciable. You can also shop comparatively, noting and bookmarking items for later consideration. All this helps so much to make your experience of gift unveiling a treat and not a holiday nightmare.

I have personally used Chitika malls for years now, but just recently have I decided to join their program for real. Mostly I like Chitika for their enormous choices and well thought out search engine. Recently I noticed how they take the extra effort to show you the competitive price from different companies and let you choose which is the best price for you. There’s nothing as good as looking for… say… a good juicer to find out that Best Buy has one 30.00 cheaper than Target.

All in all your online Christmas shopping needs can be fulfilled easily and without any stress, leaving you plenty of time to figure out the best way to avoid the in laws. In future posts I will show you how using a little shopping savvy can garner you some fairly incredible rewards programs and air miles as well. In the meantime, Halloween is over and now Christmas is just around the corner. Don’t you think it’s time to get started?