Online Christmas Shopping Is Back!

It’s been so long since I’ve updated the Online Christmas Shopping blog that I even forgot I had started it!! If you’re living in Asia, you will understand when I say this… Aiyah!!! (North American’s can translate that loosely to !$#@#!!)

At any rate, I have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken for my offline magazine, and it was only the lagging and horrid economy that brought me back here. Yes, my job is thankfully secure, (I can hear you wondering) but I can see these times are affecting many people I love in negative ways, and it really hurts to watch without doing something to help this situation.

So I have made the decision to continue my online home in order to find deals and steals and smoking hot surprises for the coming holidays. I realize it’s 300 + days away still, but it still is an important time of year, and I’m thinking most of us, come Xmas, will need to find a few smoking hot deals, considering we are all losing sleep over this economic crisis.

Speaking of losing sleep, my personal friends know that I am a chronic insomniac and have been since around the 4th grade. It didn’t help that I survived a brutal earthquake in Taiwan when I was younger (which happened when I was asleep). I was researching a cure and cruising the blogosphere when I came across Insomnia Cures, a wonderfully insightful site, with plenty of useful tips and products to help cure insomnia, no matter how chronic the condition may be.

I will throw up some sleep products in the online stores I should start building soon, for the holiday season of course, but if you are sleepless now then do head over to Insomnia Cures and poke around.

Later peeps, and to all those subscribers that wonder how I’ve been, I’m fine. And I’m back!! Don’t forget Christmas can creep up on ya. 🙂


It’s Online Christmas Shopping Day!!

Black Friday is history now. How did you do on that crazy day? I went out just for a few things and couldn’t believe the throngs of people and mass panic – it was surreal. Quietly I smiled, and kept rubbing my Mastercard as if it were a Talisman against the craziness inside the mall. After a 20 minute wait at Starbucks I decided to head home and play Call of Duty 4 on my computer, and leisurely check out some online Christmas shopping for the deals that would arrive on Cyber-Monday – which is today!! Woohoo!!

So if you are still not sure about what can be found online, check out the links I have for e malls in this post. If you are too busy browsing everything under the sun to click there, here is a collection of the best spots for deals I have found over my tenure of shopping online:

You can find anything under the sun at those e malls, and if not they will surely point you in the right direction. So to celebrate this cyber Monday, click away and find some smoking deals and get that pesky online Christmas shopping out of the way!!

Happy Thanksgiving To All from the Online Christmas Shopping Guru!

turkey for ThanksgivingJust thought to be ahead of the throngs of posts out here in the internet – and give up a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that reads here. Stay tuned if you will for the upcoming Black Friday post here at Online Christmas Shopping, it will change your life (well, not really 🙂 but it will lead to deals and deals that can save you tons of money)

Now go and have some turkey with Cranberries, watch some football, and when everything dies down and the dishes are washed, come back here and do some online Christmas shopping for the love of Pete! There’s some incredible deals coming in the next few days!!!

Let’s Hack The Holidays!!

christmas computerWell here we are, just past Thanksgiving (depending on your neck of the woods), and there’s nothing much in between here and the decorations coming out of the attic, with the exception of Scrooge showing up on TV somewhere. With that said, it’s about time to really get down to our online Christmas shopping thing, yes? Personally I refuse to count down, once the  “40 days left” mark hits, just because it seems to cause great panic in my readers (and my husband), but none-the-less it’s time to get off our butts and get the lead out.

The butt I’m speaking of here is a proverbial one – if you’re taking my advice – because by shopping online you can keep sitting on your butt all day, while you pick out something wonderful for your loved ones :-).

I was just over at lifehacker (an excellent blog btw), and thought of a brilliant – if not completely unoriginal concept… hacking the holidays! Now, when I say hack, what I mean is – to get inside the wants and needs of people you love without them knowing – to drop their jaws with some fantastic gift idea that either surprises them completely, or helps them in some way that would otherwise have gone neglected.

OK, so here’s how we do it. Today, we are going to concentrate on the needs of the people you love – in order to get them a gift that answers that need. Not the wants, but the needs. The wants are almost too easy to hack anyway, it’s the “needs” that people don’t necessarily advertise. One of the best ways I know to give a meaningful gift is by helping their health in the process.

Maybe you know someone who’s not necessarily at their peak condition. Perhaps your college buddy has developed a tummy to match good ol’ Saint Nick… or maybe your sister in law has eaten far too many Halloween candy this year, and it’s really starting to show.  A gym membership would be a great gift, if it didn’t immediately suggest that you think the receiver of that membership was a lazy, useless, slob. So we can forget about that – and anyway – have you seen the cost of gym memberships lately? It’s really not cheap. You could also get your Auntie a nice over-sized dress, or play “guess her weight” and get whacked with a Christmas ham at some point over the holidays. No, not wise I’m afraid. What we have to do here is devise a method from which you can extract the most service from your gift, with the least negative implications – contextually speaking. Speaking of “extract” here is a bloody good gift idea for your loved ones who may not be x Olympians.

Buy them a juicer!! Here is an excellent gift idea. If they have a juicer, buy them a juice recipes book! If you’re the second cousin of Donald Trump, buy them a Juicing spa retreat! I’m not kidding, Jack Lalanne is right about the health benefits of juicing. As you can tell by now I’ve been reading juicing recipes for health, a great site about the benefits of juicing, and with the authors unique approach + the videos he spreads throughout his site I have been converted to a juicing fanatic myself lately. So if I’ve given you that “aha” moment, head over there to find lots of great info, combined with any juicer or recipe book under the sun available to buy.

Appliances always make great gifts as well, because whenever these contraptions get used it’s always you they think about. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

If all of your loved ones are close relatives to Lance Armstrong, then perhaps you can forgo the juicer and look at other hacks to get inside their secret needs, but keep thinking along these lines. Health is one gift that keeps on giving long after you’ve thrown away the wrapper. Try thinking of some online Christmas shopping that helps in areas that are healthy and promote things like a balanced diet and good nutrition whenever you can (stealthily of course  :-)), because if your gift helps them stay healthy for years to come, you are giving them the greatest gift possible!