Online Christmas Shopping Is Back!

It’s been so long since I’ve updated the Online Christmas Shopping blog that I even forgot I had started it!! If you’re living in Asia, you will understand when I say this… Aiyah!!! (North American’s can translate that loosely to !$#@#!!)

At any rate, I have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken for my offline magazine, and it was only the lagging and horrid economy that brought me back here. Yes, my job is thankfully secure, (I can hear you wondering) but I can see these times are affecting many people I love in negative ways, and it really hurts to watch without doing something to help this situation.

So I have made the decision to continue my online home in order to find deals and steals and smoking hot surprises for the coming holidays. I realize it’s 300 + days away still, but it still is an important time of year, and I’m thinking most of us, come Xmas, will need to find a few smoking hot deals, considering we are all losing sleep over this economic crisis.

Speaking of losing sleep, my personal friends know that I am a chronic insomniac and have been since around the 4th grade. It didn’t help that I survived a brutal earthquake in Taiwan when I was younger (which happened when I was asleep). I was researching a cure and cruising the blogosphere when I came across Insomnia Cures, a wonderfully insightful site, with plenty of useful tips and products to help cure insomnia, no matter how chronic the condition may be.

I will throw up some sleep products in the online stores I should start building soon, for the holiday season of course, but if you are sleepless now then do head over to Insomnia Cures and poke around.

Later peeps, and to all those subscribers that wonder how I’ve been, I’m fine. And I’m back!! Don’t forget Christmas can creep up on ya. 🙂